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Some of you asked for a post on layering, and since I live in San Diego and don’t really need to or know how to layer, today we have Rachel from for the birds to give some tips!  

I love Rachel’s thritfy fashion, and am excited to have her back to guest post!

Hello! I’m Rachel from for the birds. You may remember me from this post that I did on thrifting a few months ago. Audrey has asked me back (thanks!) to talk about another topic – layering!

Unlike <lucky> Audrey, I don’t live in a climate that is predictable and sunny. Here in Northeast Ohio, we have good days and bad days – actually, it’s more like good hours and bad hours! Sometimes the day will start cloudy and cold and end up sunny and warm.. you never know what you’re going to get. Ohioans like to think that keeps us on our toes.. but it’s more like it forces us to layer. Even in the summer I’m usually carrying around a light cardi, just in case it cools off too much in the evening.

One challenge to layering that we face is looking bulky, frumpy and just generally not put-together. Here are some tips on how I’ve learned to avoid that!

1) When you’re layering on top, wear something more fitted on the bottom. I love to wear blazers, but they don’t always fit snugly enough to look flattering. If you pair a loose fitting blazer with a loose fitting pair of pants or skirt.. it could very easily take a turn for frumpy. Here I’m wearing a blazer layered over a vest and a collared top. If I wasn’t wearing skinny jeans with it, it probably wouldn’t have worked.

2) Try layering a fitted collared top under a fitted sweater. In general, when you think of wearing a collared top under a sweater, you’d reach for an over-sized sweater. Next time, try layering a long sleeve top under a lighter sweater. Because you’re wearing long sleeves underneath you’ll still have the warmth without the bulk. (Side note: check out your local thrift stores for light sweaters. Both of mine are from Goodwill. Shop in the spring for great deals on sweaters!)

3) This doesn’t necessarily have to do with bulky-ness, but more with style. When you’re wearing a long-sleeved top under a sweater or cardigan, let a little bit of the sleeve show. It ties the look together!

4) Layering with hats is definitely a do! It adds a little bit of color and extra character to an outfit and keeps your head warm.

5) Try layering with vests! Your arms are still exposed so you won’t get too hot and you can always take it off if you do.

6) Don’t forget tights! Tights under shorts is one of my favorite looks this year.  Your legs stay surprisingly warm! Grandpa sweaters are also a favorite of mine..just make sure you don’t pair them with grandpa-style baggy pants 🙂

Don’t be afraid to layer, just make sure you’re doing it right! Don’t buy things that are overly baggy (even though the comfort factor is tempting..) and if you do, don’t pair that item with another loose fitting piece. When done correctly, layering can really make an outfit pop. It’s such a great way to add elements of character, color and style.

Well thanks for having me for a day! Feel free to pop over and say “hey!” ☺

Thanks, Rachel!  Be sure to check out her blog, for the birds!

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