REVIEWS: Easy Tees and More for Memorial Day Sales

Hey friends!  This is the first of many reviews for summer pieces.  I’m ordering things like a maniac for several reasons which I share at the bottom of this post.  Today’s items are mostly for personal shopping since I felt liberated after giving birth.  Haha!!

But before we get there–Memorial Day Weekend sales!!!  Catch the pieces I review today on major sale!


Onto the reviews!


J.CREW FACTORY – 50% off everything + extra 50% off clearance

J.Crew Factory Scallop Tank Review

Scallop Tank – wearing size S
This tank is 100% cotton, so it’s really soft, but it is quite thick.  Not great if you’re looking for something lightweight.  In the pic above I’m only wearing a nude bra underneath.  Since it’s fitted, it’ll work well tucked into a skirt or under a blazer.  One thing I don’t love (but is not a deal breaker) is that the scalloped neckline is double lined whereas the rest isn’t, so the scalloped part is a different color than the rest, as you can see above.


j.crew factory striped midi skirt review

Red Striped Skirt – wearing size S
This is the red version of the blue skirt that I LOVE from last year and that I keep announcing sales for on Instagram, Facebook, and PMT Emails.  I know this skirt doesn’t work for everyone (what piece of clothing does?), but for me it’s the perfect skirt, so now that it comes in red I HAD TO get it!

It’s lightweight, has a forgiving elastic waistband ??, and has POCKETS. ??????.  It’s 23.5″ long, which for me at 5’6″ is on the long side but I wear it a little higher on my waist.  If you’re petite, don’t bother with it unless you plan to hem it.

It runs large, so size down.  I finally got to try the new sizing (last year’s version had numeric sizing and this year is letters).  I can confirm that I’m a size S!  XS fits since the waistband is elastic, but it was squeezing me.


yellow pom pom sleeve review

Pom Pom Sleeve Top – wearing size 6
I wanted to love this top.  The sleeves are so cute and the material has a bit of stretch.  But you can see from the side view that on me it puffs out, and in general it didn’t drape well.  It felt kind of stiff and crinkly and didn’t lay nicely.  Too bad, because the sleeves are so cute!  It has great reviews though, so maybe it’s just me…?  Read them HERE.


Otter Tee Review

Otter Tee – wearing size S
Do you remember this penguin tee from the winter?  So many of you went crazy for that little guy!!  Well, this otter tee might be the new penguin tee–or at least the warm weather version.  😀  It’s fairly thick and is fitted but loose and not skin tight.  Unlike the penguin tee that has a winter hat on and would seem out of place in other seasons, this otter tee can be worn year round!  Wear it with jeans or shorts and sneakers, colored shorts, one of the J.Crew Factory skirts we mentioned above, or under a blazer or cardigan like I did with the penguin tee!  I wear it in size S.  Find it HERE.


Cherry Tee + White Jeans + Red Accessories

Cherry Tee – wearing size S
As my lifestyle is only getting more and more casual, I’m stocking up on more and more tees, hence another graphic tee.  This is the same as the otter tee above–thick with with the same fit.  And fruit prints are pretty in this season!  Wearing size S.  See it HERE.



LOFT – 40% off everything

Marigold Yellow Top Review

Yellow Flutter Sleeve Top – wearing size S
This is now only available in M, L, and XL, LP, and XXLP, but is available in a pretty fiery orange in all petite sizes!  I really wanted a top in this color (since like, always) and FINALLY!!!  Tons of stores have them this season, so expect a post on how to wear this color soon!

This top drapes well, is lightweight and I imagine would give you nice airflow on summer days, and doesn’t require a camisole.  It’s jacquard, so it has a slight texture to it to make it more interesting.  However, that also means it *could* snag a bit on certain jewelry.  Just beware.

If you’re looking for a top in a similar color, there’s one by ModCloth HERE that I just saw a few days ago.


Red Ikat Print Top review

Ikat Print Top – wearing size S
I’ve shared this before, but I love this top!  Ikat is a nice deviation from stripes and florals, and this red is so fun.  I have a red top that I loved last summer (and still love), but it’s more blousy and isn’t stretchy enough to breastfeed in.  This one from LOFT is a stretchier, more casual alternative that I can also breastfeed in.  Woohoo!  It’s semi-sheer and while you can see a darker area where my jeans are, you can’t see through when I’m wearing a nude bra.  Get the top HERE.

If this shrinks in the wash, use a steamer while pulling the fabric taught, and that should relax the fibers and restore it to its original size.  I shared the steamer I like HERE.


red printed top review

Red Floral Print Top – size S
This one was okay, but I didn’t LOVE it on me.  Something about the neckline and the puff sleeves, and maybe even where the shoulder seams hit me wasn’t quite right.  I much prefer the openness of the Ikat top above.



Old Navy Plus Tank Swing Dress Review

Grey Tank Dress – wearing size M; will try S
Yall know I’m a huge fan of Old Navy swing dresses in any sleeve length.  You should know this one is different.  It’s a different material than the standard Old Navy swing dresses (like these).  It’s sofffffter and even more pajama like!  It’s also longer.  I tried this grey tank dress as well as the yellow short-sleeve one, and both of them ran close to my knees whereas usually Old Navy swing dresses require me get tall sizing to be long enough.

I usually get these in M but am returning this to try S.

I know swing dresses don’t work for everyone, but if they work for you, try this one because it’s so darn soft!


Old Navy White Vneck Tee Review

White Tee – wearing M; will try S
I heard good things about this white tee, and while it didn’t work out for me, I think it could be really good for some people. Plus, it’s super cheap–$6-$8 depending on the sales!

This tee is fairly thick, and in the pics above I’m not wearing a camisole.  You can kind of see the darkness of my jeans through the shirt, but you can’t really see my bra when I’m wearing a nude one.  The shoulder seams go a bit past my real shoulders, so sizing down should fix that unless it’s too small down a size.  The other thing I don’t love is how it bells out at the bottom, rather than just draping down.  That’s a small detail that other people may not care about.  It’s also fixed if you plan to only wear this tucked.

I’m down to try this again in S because I’d love to make it work given how thick it is and how cheap it is!  Try it HERE.


Striped Tank Top Review

Striped Tank – wearing S; will try XS or S PetiteHERE
You know a striped tee is one of my staples, but I don’t have a tank top version for summer yet.  The stripes on this one are perfect!  Too bad the armholes are a little long for me.  Also, you can’t tell in these pics but after wearing it for a bit more it loosened up a bit and began to look much too baggy on me.  I’m returning it to try XS and maybe a S Petite in hopes for shorter armholes.  Otherwise, it’d be a total keeper.  The drape works well for a loose fit.  And it’s only $6-$8 depending on the sale!!  Get it.



Abercrombie V-Neck Tee ReviewAbercrombie V-Neck Tee Review

V-Neck Tees – wearing size S in purple and M in stripes; M fits me best
I haven’t shopped at A&F since junior high, but my girls Kilee and Katie (my PMT Product & Content Specialist / Photographer) have opened me up to it again.  Kilee told me over a year ago that A&F has been trying to rebrand themselves out of the younger crowd, has totally stepped up their game, and that their quality is actually good now.  Kilee wears their t-shirts very often, so I had to finally try them!

I’m wearing the striped one above in size M and the purple one in S to compare.  I like size M better for its length and how it hangs on me.  I LOVED the color of the purple one, so I went home and ordered both in M!

Since I tried them in store and my order hasn’t arrived, I haven’t gotten to play around with them much yet.  What I can say is they are fairly thick and drape decently.  I think they’re a pretty good basic to have!  They come in 9 colors/prints, including a camo print, white/grey stripe, the navy/white stripe you see above, and a bunch of solid colors.  See them HERE.



I’ve been doing tons of summer shopping!  It’s partially for myself.  I LOVED my Summer Capsule from last year, but like I said, my lifestyle is getting more and more casual and though last year’s capsule is casual, it’s still dressier than I need.  I’m shopping for casual mom style.  But with hopes to be cool, of course.  ;P  The shopping is also partially for R&D for the Summer Everyday Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide.  Like I said, my last summer’s wardrobe was dressy casual–too dressy for the Everyday Casual style which is really about cotton tees and tanks.  I want to be able to recommend good pieces.  Lastly, it’s partially R&D to review items a lot of you have requested help finding.

I have more A&F and Old Navy items on the way!  I placed an order with ModCloth yesterday as well.  I also ordered a bunch of denim shorts to review for you.  I’ve been ordering swimsuits at varying price points to review for you too!  Lots and lots of summer stuff on the way, so stay tuned!




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