Summer Capsule Wardrobe + Summer Outfit Guide NOW AVAILABLE!

YESSSSSSSS, if you’re ready for summer style, I’ve got two exciting things for you!

Today I’m sharing my summer capsule wardrobe, AND I’m excited to tell you that its corresponding Summer Outfit Guide is NOW AVAILABLE!  In the Summer Outfit Guide I put these pieces into 70+ outfits for Everyday Casual style, Weekend looks, and Dressy Casual occasions. More info below!



This is a colorful, casual summer wardrobe with pieces that are comfy, relaxed, and really easy to wear. As a general motto, I want my outfits to be fuss-free, but I especially want that in the summer when it’s unbearably hot!

You can change the colors or prints to ones that better suit your preferences or change some of the printed skirts to printed shorts, etc. Even if these colors or prints don’t match your tastes, at the very least, I hope this serves as a template for you to put together a fun, versatile summer wardrobe!

Also, the pants and completer pieces are optional.  I created this (and the Summer Outfit Guide’s outfits) with gross, humid summer weather in mind, while also recognizing that some people still like to wear pants regardless of the weather, plus not everyone has that kind of weather.  And there’s air conditioning.  And some days you just need to wear pants even if you don’t want to.  SO, just know that all pants outfits in the Summer Outfit Guide can be substituted for shorts in the same color, and vice versa.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe


White Tee | Striped Tee BW | Colored Striped Tee | Colored Tees | Pink Tee | Neutral Tank
Neutral Printed Tank | Colored Printed Tank | White Top | Neutral Printed Top
Utility Vest | Denim Jacket | Printed Wrap
Boyfriend Jeans | Olive Pants | Colored Pants
Denim Shorts | White Shorts | Olive Shorts | Colored Shorts
Neutral Printed Dress | Solid Colored Dress | Colored Printed Dress
Neutral Jumpsuit 1 | Neutral Jumpsuit 2
Neutral Printed Skirt 1 | Neutral Printed Skirt 2 | Printed Skirt | Colored Skirt
Tan Thong Sandals | Tan Sandals | Taupe Slides | Colored Sandals | White Sneakers
White Sandals | Printed Sandals | Metallic Sandals
Neutral Wedges/Heels | Colored Wedges/Heels
Metallic Statement Necklace | Long Pendant | Colored Necklace | Statement Earrings

Many items are no longer available and are linked to similar items. List updated as of 6/11/2020.

Shop more options through the widgets below.  Swipe through to see them all, and click an item to shop.  Read the comments underneath each products for more info on sizing.  I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or size 6.








If you want help remixing these pieces all summer, check out the new Summer Outfit Guide!  This is the first of the newly launched PMT Outfit Guides!  Here’s some info about the guide:

Summer Outfit Guide - 70+ Cute Casual Summer Outfits

  • The style is casual. Outfits are really relaxed for summer and easy to wear.
  • Includes Everyday Casual, Weekend, and Dressy Casual outfits, with the majority of outfits for Everyday Casual. Whenever you need an outfit idea for any of those occasions, flip right to that section of the guide to figure out exactly what to wear. 🙌🏼
  • Everyday Casual outfits are in a wearable order.  Either skip around and wear whatever you want, or if you wanted someone to plan out your outfits for you, consider it done!  Just follow along and wear them in order! 👏🏼

Get the new Summer Outfit Guide HERE!

Summer Outfit Guide: 70+ Outfits From a Small Capsule Wardrobe

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