Summer Outfit Guide PDF Now Available!

Happy Friday!
We’re in the strange in-between season where weather is all over the place, with some experiencing light fall weather while others (like myself) are still in the thick of 80 degrees and humid type weather.

I said on Thursday that I’d begin talking about fall style here on the blog.  However, for anyone who still wants summer style inspiration, I’ve created a Summer Outfit Guide that is now available for purchase!  It gives you 65+ outfit combinations made from items in the Summer Capsule Wardrobe I’ve been posting about here.

I totally understand!  If you don’t want to purchase the PDF but still need summer style help, I already shared 14 of the outfits on the blog for free HERE.  If you want more, I’ve been wearing many other outfits that are in the guide over the last few months, so you can find many of them on my blog.
Again, you definitely don’t have to!  There are so many summer outfits from the Summer Capsule already here on the blog.  What’s helpful about the PDF is that all the outfits are right in front of you all in one place.  You can easily scan the PDF for ways to wear one piece.  Like, did you want 4 outfit ideas with the blue and white striped J.Crew Factory skirt?  It’ll be right there at your fingertips.  Same with every other piece in the summer capsule.
Also, you can pick and choose from the 65+ outfits and plan a week’s worth of outfits within just a couple of minutes.  You don’t need to sift through numerous blog posts to collect all the outfits.
Lastly, whereas the recent blog post with 14 days of outfits didn’t have generalized outfit formulas listed out, this Summer Outfit Guide includes the outfit formulas.  It makes it easy for you to adapt the outfits to work with your life and style.
Please note, if you have done a PMT Style Challenge and are used to the outfits being chosen for you each day, heads up that this Summer Outfit Guide does not have an outfit calendar.  It is just the outfit possibilities, and you would need to decide which to wear each day.  If you want your outfits mapped out for you, you’ll have to wait for the PMT Fall Style Challenge!  🙂
The cost for 65+ outfits, all the outfit formulas, and being able to look cute through the rest of summer without having to think much about it would typically be $24.99, but since it’s the end of the summer I’m marking it down to only $12.99!  Click the red button below!

This is a digital product only.  Please ensure that the email you use at checkout is correct.

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available once the payment has gone through as files are automatically accessible.

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