Three Tips to Try Trends and New Styles the Smart Way

Easy ways to incorporate trends into your style

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Do you ever see trends or styles that you want to try but end up avoiding them out of fear?  Maybe it’s fear of investing in something new that you’re unsure of, or maybe you don’t know how to pull it off and it feels uncomfortable and risky. Have you been there?

You guys know that I love having an intentional wardrobe that lasts season after season, but I also like to play with new styles and the occasional trend.  Playing with style should be FUN!  Today I’m partnering with JCPenney to share three tips to incorporate and try trends and new styles in a low-risk way! 👏🏼

JCPenney has some REALLY great pieces at REALLY great prices.  Plus, they have a huge ranges of sizes, including standard, petite/short, tall/long, and plus.  Today, as we talk through my strategy for incorporating trends, I’m excited to highlight some awesome pieces for you!  Lastly, JCPenney has a current sale that ends TODAY: ONLINE ONLY, get 40% off regular-priced purchase of $40+, and 60% off $100+, plus an extra 25% off sale & clearance!  Use code HOORAY8!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes.


green camo shirt + black skinny pants + black slip on shoes + cognac tote black skinny pants + green camo shirt + black slip on shoes + cognac tote green camo shirt + black slip on shoes + black skinny pants + cognac tote black slip on shoes + green camo shirt + black skinny pants + cognac tote

1. When it comes to trends, go for inexpensive pieces initially.
I am willing to pay more for closet staples, but when it comes to new-to-me styles or trendy items, I’ll make sure to choose less expensive options.  New styles or trends are things I’m experimenting with.  Plus, trends are fleeting.  Inexpensive options allow me to play with styles and try them for a short period without feeling guilty that I wasted a ton of money on them.  That way, it’s a small investment to experiment with a new style.

This camo tee is a great example!  Camo print has been popular for a while, but it’s still trending strongly right now, and I’m finally ready to try it.  This camo tee is only $8.40 if you apply HOORAY8, so it’s an EASY onramp for trying a new style.  Plus, this tee feels great!  It’s soft, not see through, and has a pretty good drape.  Wearing size S.  Snag it HERE!  Honestly such a great tee for an amazing price!

Also, let’s talk about these jeans.  Black jeans are a closet staple for me, but years ago they felt like a HUGE risk.  I was so unsure if they’d matter in my closet.  If you’ve been wanting to try black jeans, the ones I’m wearing above are a great option!  They are soft with a good amount of stretch through the legs, and a really skinny fit.  And they’re only $29.40 with today’s code!   Find them in regular, petite, and long lengths HERE.  I believe the plus sized option is HERE.

JCPenney has such great options to play with new styles!  To see more on-trend pieces to try this season, swipe through the widget below and click to shop!

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Top: c/o JCPenney (exact-size S)
Jeans: c/o JCPenney (exact-size 4)
Shoes: (similar)
Tote: (similar)

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black and white striped tee + denim jacket + maroon pants + black slip on shoes + black purse denim jacket + black and white striped tee + maroon pants + black slip on shoes + black purse

2. If you’re trying a new style, mix it with staples to keep your look classic, but updated and modern.
If you love trying new styles and like to receive attention for it, then more power to you!  However, when I’m trying a new style, I might be self-conscious about it and not want to draw a ton of attention to myself at first.  To do that, I’ll mix the new style with basics to keep my look classic with a modern twist.

For example, colored bottoms are becoming popular again, and I’m all for it!  While I’ve been preaching the importance of colored bottoms for years, I know for most people they are still a new style yet to be tried.  To incorporate them in a way that still feels timeless, pair colored bottoms with classics like a striped tee and denim jacket.  The basics hold down that timeless feel while the colored bottoms add that fresh, current element.  Basics are key!

I hear from a lot of you that you haven’t built a great section of staples in your closet yet, so I MUST tell you that JCPenney has some fantastic closet basics at incredibly affordable prices!  The striped tee I’m wearing above is soft and stretchy, and only $13.20 with the saleThe jeans and denim jacket both have stretch for that necessary comfort!  JCPenney has so many more great staples, so I highlighted some in the widget below.  Swipe through to see them all, and check my comments under each item for info on feel and fit!

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Top: c/o JCPenney (exact-S)
Jacket: c/o JCPenney (exact-S)
Pants: c/o JCPenney (exact-6)
Shoes: (similar)
Tote: (similar)

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rust orange sweater + skinny jeans + taupe booties + grey purse skinny jeans + rust orange sweater + taupe booties + grey purse taupe booties + rust orange sweater + skinny jeans + grey purse rust orange sweater + taupe booties + skinny jeans + grey purse

3. Make one statement piece the focal point, and keep the rest simple.
This goes along with Tip #2, but I want to say it explicitly.  Another way I like to incorporate trends is to make one major piece the focal point and keep the rest of the outfit simple.

For example, this rust orange sweater is SO cute with a weave that gives it a great texture and cuffed sleeves that add a cute little detail.  Not to mention the color–LOVE IT!  Such a popular color this season!  This sweater doesn’t need much else, so I styled it simply with jeans and booties to let it shine.  It’s super easy to wear all those statement items if you just keep the rest simple!

Find the sweater for just $26.40 HERE with today’s sale! I’m wearing size S.  It also comes in a pretty olive that would be great for this fall, too!

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Sweater: c/o JCPenney (exact-S)
Jeans: c/o JCPenney (exact)
Shoes: (similar)
Bag: c/o JCPenney (exact)


JCPenney makes it really easy to grow your style with all of its options and the great pieces you can get at amazing prices, so be sure to check them out!  Hope this gives you confidence to experiment with new styles or trends you’ve been eyeing!




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