Top 10 PMT Favorites in September

September Early Fall 2021 Best Sellers

You ready to know the Top 10 September Favorites from the PMT community? Here they are! Apparently, you all really love the Amazon and Etsy finds! 😊

1. Amazon Goodthreads Floral Print Top size S
This is from my September reviews post! This top is super lightweight. Really cute with a great shape that nips in at the waist and flares out to help offer you some shape. But the material feels flowy and not stiff. One note is that while I don’t think this material is technically woven, it has that kind of feel in the sense that it’s the kind of material that I sometimes worry will get snagged. Also, I thought it would shrink in the wash, but it didn’t. If it does shrink, you should easily be able to fix that by using a steamer, which will un-shrink it. (I do this for most garments that shrink.) For sizing, I’m trying size S, and it is like, just the perfect fit. I tried it in size M, and it looked a little baggy. I would say size up if you’re unsure or between sizes. Comes in solid black and three prints, HERE.

2. Etsy Thankful Tee size S
Y’all loved this “Thankful” tee! It’s great as we head into fall and Thanksgiving. (And you can layer a long sleeve tee underneath to stay warmer.) This is from the same seller as my yellow leopard print tee. The tee is soft and stretchy, just like my yellow leopard print one. Because the tee is stretchy rather than drapey, I prefer to knot it rather than do a loose front tuck. You can size up for a slouchier fit, which will tuck better, but it is quite oversized and much longer in a size up, which can result in a lot of extra material in the back and around the sides even when tucked or knotted.

This is very, very comfy! The color shown above is Dust, which is a taupey oatmeal color. It also comes in white and pinky peach in sizes XS to 2X. Check out all the colors HERE. I wear size S.

3. Amazon Short Sleeve Sweater size M
Wearing this rust-colored sweater as I type this! This sweater is cute! It’s quite long, but it works well in a front tuck. The knit is a little open, but it’s not wildly see-through—at least not in this color. It’s a medium thickness with a decent drape. It’s not a super high quality, luxurious feeling type of sweater. But, it’s super affordable, looks cute, and drapes well! Comes in 7 colors, HERE. I wear size M. I’m wearing the color “A Red” which looks more muted on the product site. The color is truer to my pics.

4. Etsy Yellow Leopard Print Tee size S
This tee is really soft and comfy! It’s stretchy rather than drapey, so I can’t tuck it well and always knot it instead. But, I really love having a tee that takes me beyond basics and livens up my casual outfits. Same with the “Thankful” tee above! They are the exact same tees, I believe. Check this one out HERE.

5. Halogen Cap Sleeve Blouse size M
I wish I dressed in business casual outfits so that I could wear these tops all the time! They come in so many great prints throughout the year, always changing as the seasons change. Really great for workwear and nicer casual outfits if you pair them with jeans. This has cap sleeves and slims down through the torso, so just be mindful of that when you’re thinking of fit and how it’d work on your body shape. It’s currently available in several prints and colors! Check them out in straight sizes HERE and plus sizes HERE. ANNNNND 4 more prints/colors and ON SALE, HERE! I wear size M.

6. Amazon Crewneck Pullover Sweater size M
I said in my September reviews post that I don’t think this is quite the right sweater for me, BUT it has 9,000+ ratings and 4.5 stars, so clearly I’m the outlier, haha! It has some great qualities that you might love depending on your body shape, style, and what you’re looking for. This sweater is thin and lightweight, so it’s better for warmer falls. This color is somewhat see-through, though. I doubt it would be see-through in darker colors. It’s also quite long, which might be great for some of you. But that’s one of the things that’s not great for me personally, since I have a shorter torso. I actually really like how it feels around the arms and bust. It’s comfortable and decently relaxed without looking too slouchy. But, I don’t love how it tucks, as it’s so long on me and the bottom is ribbed, so the untucked material bunches a little too much. However, I think this sweater could be great if you have a longer torso and you prefer a more classic style. Also, it comes in 50 colors and prints, HERE! FIFTY!!!! WHAT THE HECK! I wear size S.

7. Amazon Ruffle Sleeve Top – size S
I first shared these tops back in March 2021, and I still get lots of questions about them (especially the white one) whenever I show pics of them! Unfortunately, white is sold out in nearly every size, but a few other colors are available in a few sizes.

This top is VERY pretty. It’s lightweight and drapes well, so it tucks well without sticking out super awkwardly from the sideview. The ruffles at the shoulders are a pretty touch without adding too much bulk, since the material is very flowy.

It’s available in 6 colors and prints, HERE. I wear size S. You can see outfits with the printed one HERE and white one HERE (with lots more outfits throughout the rest of this posts).

8. Etsy Joyful Sweatshirt size M
This sweatshirt is from the same Etsy seller as the “Thankful” tee and the yellow leopard print tee. I bought those two tees (meaning not sponsored or gifted by the business) and the shop owner, Amy, let me choose a few more items as a gift. One of the items I chose was this “Joyful” sweatshirt. In my September reviews, I said that I wasn’t sure about it because of how long it is and that it’s a little bulky. (It’s 25.5″ long in size M.) BUT, by sizing up to M in the “Joyful” sweatshirt, I can get more of a loungey look that would work over leggings at home. Kind of a nice sweatshirt to wear around the house anytime, but especially during the holidays! (I have a shorter torso, so 25.5″ works for me, but check for yourself if that’d work for you!) The sweatshirt comes in three colors, which you can see HERE.

9. Wit & Wisdom High Waist Ankle Skinny Pants size 4
Oof, these are not super in stock, but a few colors have some sizes left. These are GREAT pants for work, as they are VERY COMFY with stretch throughout the legs and a stretchy waistband with an elastic strip in the back. They’re great for business casual outfits, but you can also dress them down in casual outfits. And, they come in several colors, HERE. I wear size 4—they run large.

10. Amazon Casual Puff Sleeve Ruffle Midi Dress
This was in a recent Sales & Deals roundup, which we post on Facebook and send in PMT emails about once a week. If you aren’t subscribed to my email list, you can sign up HERE!

How pretty is this dress? So good for eating out with friends or date night! It’s available in several prints, HERE.

11. Wit & Wisdom CoolMax Jeans size 4
Bonus #11! These actually made it into the Top 10, but they’re nearly sold out, so I bumped them down to honorable mention in case they pop back in stock in your size. Stretchy and comfy through the legs and extra comfy with the stretchy elastic waistband, but they’re thick enough to keep you feeling supported! I really love these jeans, but the sizing and length need to be right to make them work. The color is very fresh for this season, too! Find them HERE. I wear size 4—they run large.


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