Nordstrom Anniversary Sale REVIEWS, a $250 Giveaway, and Earn 10pts per Dollar until TONIGHT!

Ohhhhh man, yall!  This post is going to be HUGE because of a few really exciting things!  Here they are:

10 points per dollar until 11:59pm PST TONIGHT.  First, Nordstrom’s site was down yesterday, so to make up for it, Nordstrom’s giving us 10pts per dollar until 11:59pm TONIGHT!  I wanted to get all these reviews up for you to know what to purchase!

Catch up on some other goodies that are not featured here that you NEED to try from my last post First Glance Favorites.  Specifically try the pieces from the Must Haves section HERE!

$250 Giveaway!  Second, I’m teaming up with other bloggers to give away $250 to Nordstrom!  Scroll to the bottom of the post to enter!

Now, onto the great stuff!

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ with a short torso, usually size S/M or 6/8.  I wear size 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

Long Cardigan – Wearing S and XS

Please, please, please GET THIS CARDIGAN (or one of the following below!) before it sells out! It sold out in this Oatmeal color on the FIRST DAY of the sale yesterday.  Last year this same brand BP had a similar oversized cardigan, and it sold out fast.  This year’s version is following suit.  Sizes will pop back in and out as people return things, but once the entire sale was over last year, these things never got fully restocked, and ALL YEAR this has been the most requested item to find a similar version of from those who missed out on them during the sale.  So, please get this!

It is rather thin, but this oversized cardigan just goes with everything!

SIZING: Both Small and X-Small fit me well. Last year I bought S and kind of wished I’d gotten XS. But as you can see in this pic, there is not a huge difference. And yes, I can layer a button up underneath this year’s XS, but the wrist area of the sleeves *could maayyyybe* have been tight in size XS if I had larger forearms. Small felt longer and baggier. I think either size could work, and it just depends on what look you’re going for!

See all the colors and get this cardigan HERE!

See how I styled my cardigans from last year: grey cardigan  //  maroon cardigan  //  tan cardigan (similar).  This year I’m digging the oatmeal one!

Circle Cardigan – Size S
This one was way softer than the BP cardigan above.  I wanted to love it, but the pockets did not work with my hips.  Inside, the pockets flap around and created bulk at my hips if they got bunched up.  On the BP cardigan, the pockets are sewn down and in place on the inside.  However, if your hips never fight with clothes, definitely try this one because it’s sooooo soft and looks amazing when it doesn’t fight your hips!
It comes in maroon, dark grey, oatmeal, and a beautiful blush that is already selling out!  See them all HERE!

Other cardigans to check out that I did not see in store this Rib Knit Cardigan and this super Long Open Front Cardigan.
Knit Blazer – Size XS and S
This soft, suuuuuper stretchy, super comfy blazer is back from last year!  These are fairly thin with no lining, but they feel like sweatshirts and are soooo comfy, yet look more polished than a sweatshirt.  Last year I got an olive green one in size S, but this year I tried XS and I might like how fitted it is even more.  The S on me looks more like a boyfriend blazer.  The lapel looks much bigger and the arms are a little looser.  I like the tighter fit on the XS.  However, if you plan to layer this with long sleeves I’d go with the larger size.  Like with the BP cardigans, I think both sizes work and it just depends on what look you’re going for.

Comes in 6 colors!  See them HERE.

Tweed Knit Blazer: This thing looks awesome, but it feels like a sweatshirt!  However, the material is tweed-like, meaning the weave is a little loose and can snag in your jewelry, so beware.

Grey Below Patch Blazer – Size XS
This is more expensive than the tweed blazer above, but it is also noticeably better quality.  It is also soft, stretchy, and feels like a sweatshirt, but it’s sturdier, has more structure, and looks more tailored than the knit ones I showed above.   It has lining and doesn’t give you *quite* the full on sweatshirt feel, but it’s still really soft and flexible and comfy.  I’d opt for this version if you work in a more polished setting–i.e. NOT the casual end of “business casual.”  🙂  It also has the adooooorable navy piping, navy elbow patches, and navy lining to match in case you wanna roll your sleeves!

I don’t know how they say this runs true to size because I’m in size XS!   See the elbow patches HERE.

Waterproof Ankle Boots – size 8.5
I tried 5 pairs of booties on including the Franco Sarto Paivley,  Vince Camuto PrasataCaslon Faye, Blondo Liam, and the pair I’m wearing above by Blondo (HERE).  This was by far my favorite pair for fit and comfort, and then add the fact that they’re supposedly waterproof…um, yes!  They come in 4 colors, including a beautiful taupe (which is ugly online, so I took a pic of it above.)

COMFORT: I have not walked around in them for a full day yet, but upon first wear, they were the most comfortable out of all 5 pairs I tried. The heel is easy to walk in and the upper is flexible. They’re pretty lightweight, and the sole is rubber which I find more comfortable than the hard plastic wood type of soles a lot of booties have.

And, supposedly they’re WATERPROOF? Only time and personal experience will let me know for sure, but on Facebook a few people chimed in confirming it’s true!

SIZING: I’m normally size 8.5 to 9 in shoes and got these in 8.5.  Get the boots HERE!

OTHER NOTE: I have a hard time finding flattering ankle boots because my calves are pretty curvy and my ankles are really skinny. If you’re newer here, I talk about this often on my blog during fall and winter and have several posts on which ankle boots work for me with the shape of my legs. If you’re a longer time reader, you know exactly what I’m talking about! These were not only the most comfortable pair I tried yesterday, but they gave me the jeans + ankle boots look I was hoping for–the one shown in this pic.

Seam Tunic Sweater – size S
This sweater is SOOOOOO STINKING SOFT!  I don’t know it’ll hold up with washes, but good thing Nordstrom’s return policy is generous.  😛  Oh man, this thing is so soft!  
It’s got seams on the side, which honestly I could do without, but it’s fine–not a deal breaker.  There is elastic at the wrists as well as the hem, which I think is supposed to help it hug underneath your rear and would be cute with leggings.  This is 27″ long for reference!
Comes in 5 colors.  Totally recommend this sweater, so check it out HERE!

Striped T-Shirt – size XS
You know I’m always on the lookout for a good striped tee!  This one is not super thick, but it drapes nicely and does the partial-tuck well.  I’m not wearing a cami underneath and you couldn’t see my bra lining, but you can see the darker area where my jeans are.  Not sure how it’d be in sunlight though.
Runs pretty large, as I’m wearing XS and it has a loose fit!  The S fit fine in the shoulders but was way longer on me.  This comes in 16 colors, including a handful of prints and a bunch of solids.  See them all HERE.  
Also thin, but also drapes well!  The sizing on this was so different than the one above.  I like the crewneck because I find it easier to wear statement necklaces with it versus v-necks.  Great option for a classic and super versatile basic!  Comes in 17 solid and prints that you can see HERE!
Lace Top – size M
Yall know I love a lace top, and this one is gorgeous!  It’s dressier than my current beloved lace tee and would be great for workwear, a nice dinner, or it could even make a cool edgy look if paired with leather leggings.  It’s has a nude lining all the way up to the stitching at the bust, and after that there’s nothing.  The detail is beautiful!  Also comes in rose.  Check them out HERE.
Maroon Floral Top – size S
I was going to save this for a workwear post, but given that it’s 10 pts per dollar today I had to show this to you.  It’s sooo pretty!  I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did, but it went perfectly with the black jeans and nude flats I was wearing today.  Let it be a put together casual look or a casual business casual look!  🙂  It’d look great tucked into a pencil skirt, or more casual with bootcut jeans.  Comes in another blue/yellow print and solid black.  See them HERE.
Raw Hem Tee – Size S
Soft and smooth, and a great relaxed drape.  The raw edges give it a little…um, edge, and there are some slits on the side to give it a little more dimension.  But what I love most is the drape!  This comes in 6 colors and is a nice basic tee if you’re in need of one.  Try the white one!  See all colors HERE.
Plaid Shirts – Size XS and S
I love that every year, this sale has red plaid shirts because that’s probably my favorite kind of plaid!  However, I also loooove the green and blue one and have been in the market for one.  These are fairly long, but you can do the partial-tuck with them.  They’re somewhat thin and really soft.  I don’t think they’d be the best to layer under a pullover sweater as its thinness wouldn’t make the collar stay up.  But as a tunic over leggings (it’s 29″ long) or under an oversized cardigan, these would work.  See all 5 colors HERE!
Between S and XS, I preferred the XS, though if I had a larger chest I’d have to go up to S.  I hope these don’t shrink in the wash, but if they do I’d try steaming them to see if that loosens it up and restores its length.
Black Skinny Jeans – Size 6
These are super stretchy, just like the “yoga pants” bootcut pair, though the waistband is tighter albeit the elastic in it.  The legs feel AWESOME though, so if you need black jeans, give these a shot!  They’re only $44.90 which is an amazing price for jeans like these!  All the measurements for inseam, leg opening, rise, etc. are on the product site, which you can find HERE to see if these would work for you.  
Same as the pair above, but dark blue wash.  However, I feel like these were slightly thinner and a little looser.  The black pair felt more supportive, if that makes sense.  They are veryyyy stretchy and comfy though!  Totally worth a shot to try because they’re also only $44.90.  Try them HERE.  
Bootcut Jeans – Size 6 and 8
I thought these were the same as the ones I had, but seeing them in person, they are a slightly lighter wash, a little thicker, but stretchy like yoga pants just the same.  My original pair is still available though not on sale, and can be found HERE.  The pair I’m showing above that’s part of the sale is HERE.
Size 6 fit me, but I didn’t like how tight it was around my thighs and hips.  More importantly, that all made them several inches shorter than Size 8 on me!  I could have worn size 6 with flats, but in size 8 I am standing on my toes so that my pants aren’t dragging.  I wear these in size 8 for those reasons.  
These come in maroon, olive, and grey, among others, which are all closet staple jean colors for me in the fall and winter!  The Donna is thinner than the Diana cut, and the rise and leg openings are thinner.  These are also soft and stretchy, though I keep hearing sales associates saying they stretch out!  I’ve never owned a pair, so I’m not sure.  I’d order both one size down and two sizes (so, 6 and 4 in my case) and do the jeans test: wear them around the house for at least 3 hours to see if they stretch.  If they stretch, wear them longer to see if they stretch more.  Find the maroon and green pairs HERE and grey pair HERE.
Totally thought I’d hate the twisted hem on these, but turns out I dig them!  They have *some* stretch to them, but I wish they had a whole lot more.  Especially given how stretchy the black and other ankle skinnies from Wit & Wisdom are!  However, these are soooo flattering on me.  I don’t know if they’ll retain shape or stretch out given how little stretch there is in them, so I’ll have to wear them around the house for a while to see.  I hope they work out because I love the slight distressing!  If not, I’d give the dark wash ankle skinnies another go, and maybe even size down to 4 in those to see how they work.

For more AMAZING items that I did not review here that I already own, check out my First Glance Favorites MUST-HAVES!  They include these Zella leggings and cult-favorite Lush top
I’m teaming up with a bunch of bloggers to give away a $250 Nordstrom gift card to one of you!  The giveaway will end Thursday, July 20th at 7pm EST, and the winner will be announced on Friday, July 21–when the sale opens to all non-cardholders!

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