Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 – First Glance Favorites!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins TODAY for all Nordstrom cardholders and will open up to non-cardholders on July 21st.

If you want to shop early, sign up for a card HERE.  For a refresher on best practices to shop this sale, see my tips HERE.  

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6 and normally size S/M or 6/8 in clothes and size 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

Things to try from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Bootcut Jeans (size 8).  I talk about these all the time, and while they’re worth it at full price, they’re DEFINITELY worth it at sale price!  Numerous PMT readers have told me how much they love them, so you’ve gotta try them!  They are ridiculously soft and stretchy, and even the waistband has stretch to it!

High Waist Leggings (size M).  I got these during last year’s sale and I’ve worn them for working out as well as in casual outfits.  They’re thick and hold everything in.  I thought I’d hate the wide, high waistband, but to my surprise it actually makes them even more comfortable–and makes them stay on.  See them on me HERE, plus three casual outfits with them HERE.

Pencil Skirt (size 6).  If you need to refresh your workwear staples, I highly recommend this skirt!  See it on me HERE.  Also comes in black.

Underwire Bra  //  Convertible Bra.  These are by my favorite bra brand.  The one I own is HERE and unfortunately is not on sale.  I definitely want to try more from this brand, especially at sale price!  Shop the convertible bra HERE.

Lush Woven Top.  This is the same style as the cult favorite Lush tunic but shorter.  Some find the Lush tunic to be WAY too long, so this is a great alternative.  A lot of you ask about my blush tunic, and this year that exact color Sphinx is FINALLY back in this shorter version!  See how I’ve styled mine: longer white tunic  //  longer blush tunic  //  olive shorter top.  Comes in 7 colors.

Oversized Cardigan.  PLEASEEEE SCOOP THESE UP!  Last year the oversized cardigans were coveted by SO many people–and still are!–but they sold out so, so fast.  This year’s sale has several long cardigans, but this one is my favorite.  GET IT NOW before it sells out!  Last year sooooo many people regretted not getting it.  I still hear about the regrets from you all regularly, one year later!  So, scoop it up in all colors and sizes that you could possibly want, and then return what you don’t need.  I don’t know about this year’s cardigan yet, but last year’s cardigan ran large.  I wore S but could even have gone to XS.  See how I’ve styled mine: grey cardigan  //  maroon cardigan  //  tan cardigan

Knit Blazer (size S).  These were a PMT favorite last year, and I’m sooo glad they’re back!  Please note they are not that thick, but they’re awesome nonetheless.  To show you how versatile this can be, last year I styled it in a casual look, dressy casual look, and business casual look HERE.  This runs a little large, so size down.  I’m normally size S/M or 6/8 and wear this in S.

Beauty Blenders.  Usually $20 each.  This set gets you two, plus the cleanser, and more, for less than the price of buying two blenders at original price.  Stock up!!


And now, my favorites for everything else!  If you are in the Bloglovin’ frame and cannot see the widgets below, click HERE.


I’m not as in love with as many jackets as I was last year, and I’m sad that there’s not a super affordable utility jacket option this year.  There’s one that’s below $50, but I’m not in love with it and I think you could find better at other stores.  However, I am very happy the knit blazer is back!


The long cardigans are probably gonna sell out quickly like last year’s version did, so DON’T WAIT!  My friend Kilee who got to shop in-store early yesterday said the quality is even better than last year’s.  Last year’s ran small, and I wore S and could have even done XS.  Available in 6 colors!

See how I’ve styled mine: grey cardigan  //  maroon cardigan  //  tan cardigan


Oh WHEW!  When I originally posted this, for some reason I couldn’t find all the jeans and the pickings looked SLIM.  Glad to say I found them, and there are a BUNCH of great options for fall!

These colors are my staples for fall and winter. See outfits with them all here: maroon jeans outfits // olive jeans outfits // grey jeans outfits //  black jeans outfits
Below is the scoop on these brands.  I wrote the brand name underneath each of the jeans so you can search them more easily.  For more info on these brands, read my post on My Favorite Denim Brands.  
  • KUT from the Kloth – The Diana cut tends to be very stretchy and soft but very thick. The Diana cut is a Nordstrom favorite, though it usually hasn’t worked for me as the leg openings and the rise are too wide and high for me. I’ve heard these jeans also tend to stretch out, so I would size down. In the past, size 6 has fit me best. They have a new Donna cut that I tried and fits me better in the rise with a narrower leg opening.  They are much thinner than the Diana jeans–at least from what I remember from the Diana jeans last year.
  • Wit & Wisdom – Tends to be extremely stretchy and soft, and “normal” in thickness. The bootcut jeans feel like yoga pants, and the skinny jeans are extremely stretchy. You might want to size down in those.  I prefer size 8 in the bootcut jeans, but 6 in the skinny jeans.
  • Caslon – Has been hit or miss for me. One of their jeans that I own is awesome! Stretchy, but not too stretchy, and never loses shape. Some of the colored jeans haven’t been as great. They are mixed in how stretchy they are–or not stretchy, I should say–and mixed in whether or not they retain shape. Still worth trying, but make sure you do the jeans test: Wear them around the house for at least 3 hours to see if they’ll stretch out or not.
  • Articles of Society – I’ve seen so many people in love with these, so I tried them in store.  The denim is on the thinner side, but not problematic or anything like that.  They are very stretchy.  I heard a sales associate tell another customer that these jeans stretch out, so you should size down.  Size 29 fit me fairly alright, though a little loose in the hips and rear.  I definitely could have sized down to 28.


Lots of you asked for black ankle booties, so I tried to include several of them.  There are a couple of brands that I’m interested in trying.  Blondo is new to me, but their boots are WATERPROOF!  Reviewers in places like Seattle said these are the shoes to get!  I don’t think I included Kork-Ease, but it is a brand I’ve heard about from a friend and is fairly expensive, but she says her Kork-Ease booties are ridiculously comfortable.  I’m down to try them, especially at sale price!  


I’ve already talked about the bras, so let’s bring attention to the tees.  I’m sooo interested in trying this brand.  I’ve heard good things about this tee and the joggers, but we’ll see once I actually get my hands on them!  
WHEW, that was a lot!  If you’re overwhelmed, go back to the top and focus on the must-haves.  Yall had better get those cardigans and knit blazers before they’re out!  Let me know which items you’re eyeing!

Coming up: Reviews of items, workwear picks and reviews, and remixes.
Keep an eye on my Pinterest boards to see my picks for menswear, women’s workwear, and a collection of fall staples from this sale.  I’ll be filling those in over the next day or two, whereas they will not hit the blog for a while, if ever!  
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