What’s Still In Stock and Worthwhile From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Women’s Clothing, Men’s Style, and Home & Beauty

Well, sheesh, those Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items sold out quickly, didn’t they?!  I was planning to give business casual workwear recs, but I think a lot of them are out of stock.  However, there ARE still a few things in stock that are worthwhile, so today I’m highlighting them!  They span across women’s apparel, men’s apparel (my husband’s favorite brands and pieces), and a few home goods and beauty products.
Luckily, the men’s selection hasn’t gone quite as fast, and some of my husband’s favorite brands and pieces are part of the sale and still available!
Last year I posted a Men’s Style Guide with basic building blocks (HERE).  This list is more or less the same thing but less cohesive, and all the items are on sale.  😉 
For sizing reference, my husband is 5’8″, 145lbs, and usually a size small.  He likes his clothes slim fitting, but not crazy tight.  You can see them on him HERE, including some of the pieces below. 
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I know this 3-item list looks sad.  I had several more items on here, but I took them out because I really just wanted to highlight these three.  The other things I was looking at are in the widget below if you’re interested.
Throws – Apparently these are awesome, according to reviews!  I love the colors they come in, and they look super cozy!  They’ll also add a dash of color to your room.  I ordered yellow and white to see what the fuss was about.  And on sale they’re only $25.90!
Kiehl’s Hand Salve –  I have really dry hands, especially in the winter.  I’d read about this stuff long before the Anniversary Sale and had thought about trying it, so I’m excited that it’s on sale now!  
Gehwol Hand and Foot Repair – I’ve read about some of these products as miracle workers.  Apparently the foot file is amazing, along with the Fusskraft Blue Foot Cream, so this package seemed like a great option to try several of their products!  
Shop Other Home & Beauty:

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tee  |  bra
For sizing, I’m 5’6″ and normally size S/M or 6/8 in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes.  In the tee I wear XS (size down a lot!)  Leggings, I wear M.  For both ankle boots I wear 8.5.

I’m so excited to try the cozy blankets and two beauty products I showed!  I also ordered that women’s tee in white because I loved the fit of the striped one so mjuch!  
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