10 Summer Pieces for Your Wardrobe This Season


10 Summer Pieces for Your Wardrobe This Season


I know you want to have a killer summer style but you’re not sure where to start. I’m here to help you! Here are 10 summer pieces for your wardrobe this season.

If you were recently in my Summer Style Bootcamp, you’ll remember our session on creating your Starter Kit Wardrobe for summer. The pieces here are all viable options to include in a summer starter kit!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes. 

10 Summer Pieces for Your Wardrobe

I recently shared My Current Favorite Comfortable Lightweight Summer Pants, and you’ll see them again here because they are fantastic versatile staples to have!

1. Denim Shorts or Lightweight Jeans 
Even though I wear shorts less and less thanks to having lightweight pants that I love, I still find them important to have. Denim shorts take the place of jeans and go with lots of different tops. Be sure to find a pair that’s stretchy and comfortable – they do exist! See a few recommendations in the widget below.

If you’re not into shorts, try some lightweight jeans. It’s even better if they’re wide leg (plus lightweight) because the wide leg cut allows for lots of airflow! My favorite lightweight wide legs are the KUT From the Kloth Meg jeans which are SOOOO comfortable and fairly lightweight!

2. Black or Olive Pants or Shorts
Whether they’re soft shorts, soft pants, or black denim shorts, include another pair of neutral pants or shorts in your summer wardrobe. I typically go for black or olive. I wrote about my favorite black pants for summer in the recent blog post My Current Favorite Comfortable Lightweight Summer Pants. They’re HERE. Suuuuuuper soft, lightweight, and breathable. Love!

If you’re looking for denim shorts, THIS pair by Lauren Conrad is not too short and has some stretch. I wear those in size 6. For soft shorts, try THESE from Old Navy or THESE from J.Crew Factory.

3. White, Ecru, or Tan Pants
With the colors I tend to wear on top, I always appreciate white or ecru bottoms to lighten up my summer outfits. I bought THIS pair from Gap last year and love them! They look polished and stylish. I wrote more about them in the post My Current Favorite Comfortable Lightweight Summer Pants, so check there for details. I wear them in size S.

If white or ecru isn’t ideal for you, try tan pants instead.


blue tank top + printed crop wide leg pants + denim jacket + black sandals + metallic leather earrings + white tee + tan printed skirt + white sandals + gold hoops + gold necklace

4. Printed Bottoms
These aren’t necessary, but I like to throw them in to liven things up, even in a smaller core collection. Printed bottoms could be bold printed pants, a floral print skirt, or more subtly striped linen pants. It’s usually a printed skirt for me, but this year I’m really loving THESE printed pants, which I shared about in the post My Current Favorite Comfortable Lightweight Summer Pants. SO COMFY!!! I wear size S.

Find my skirt HERE. Very silky and smooth! I wear size M.

5. Dress
I love having at least one one-and-done option, if not several! Here are some dresses to check out:


black tee + cuffed denim shorts + black sandals + white and black striped tank + black wide leg crop soft pants + black slides + green tank top + ivory linen pants + metallic sandals + straw bag + gold hoop earrings + gold necklace

6. Neutral Tee/Tank
Whether black, white, grey, navy, or all of the above, a neutral tee/tank is a great staple to have! Be sure it goes with at least two of your chosen bottoms so you can create more outfits with fewer pieces from your small summer core.

In the left photo above, I’m wearing the Madewell Northside Vintage Tee, which I wear throughout most of the year, including summer. It’s my favorite tee; I love how it drapes! Find it HERE. I wear size M.

7. Colored Tee/Tank
This tee/tank adds a punch to your outfits so your wardrobe is interesting, even with just a few pieces. You can choose bold colors like I’m showing in the right photo above, or you can do more subtle, softer colors. Whatever you prefer! Again, make sure this top goes with at least two of your chosen bottoms. For example, I’d wear this green tank with the printed pants, the black pants/shorts, and the ecru pants. You can find a similar tank HERE.

By the way, if you’d like help figuring out your best colors, check out my recent post detailing My Color Analysis and describing how a color analysis can help you. Also, get 10% off any color package with the code PMTCOLOR!

8. Striped Tank
What is life without stripes? 😄 A striped tee adds visual interest to an outfit while still being versatile and going with a lot! You can wear a striped top with black or olive pants, white or ecru pants, and denim shorts. I recently reviewed this tank HERE if you want further details. Otherwise, shop it HERE. I’m wearing size S.

9. Colored Printed Top
Whether this is a graphic print t-shirt with colors or some other sort of printed top, a colored printed top will add more life and variety to your summer outfits. Find one that you can pair with at least two of your summer bottoms, like THIS one, THIS one, or THIS one.

bright pink tank top + denim jacket + purple and pink and ivory floral printed skirt + tan and metallic sandals + metallic earrings

10. Denim Jacket
If you need a layer this summer, be SURE to have a denim jacket! It goes with all of those non-denim, soft, flowy pants and shorts, skirts, and dresses. You can throw it over almost everything! The one I’ve been wearing the most lately is the LC Lauren Conrad jacket, which I’ve mentioned many times. It is slightly roomy, giving you a more modern look, without actually being oversized. It provides a lot of structure but is stretchy and comfortable to wear. Comes in several washes HERE. I wear size S.

These 10 pieces will give you a strong core summer wardrobe that you can use to create lots of outfits and that you can easily add to to create a larger wardrobe.


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