3 COMFY Outfits for Summer Vacation (or Anytime!)

3 Comfy Outfits for Summer Vacation

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While I’m not going anywhere this summer with Baby #3 coming any day now (!!), several of my friends are looking forward to summer road trips.  Today I’m partnering with Nordstrom and ShopStyle to share comfy outfits for summer vacation.  Whether you’ve got a trip planned or you’ll just be daydreaming about one like me, these outfits are still for you.  You can wear them anytime in the summer, and you’ll be stylish AND super comfy!

You guys know I stinking LOVE Nordstrom and that I LOVE comfort.  Most of my comfiest clothes come from Nordstrom, and many of today’s items are from Nordstrom Made brands like Caslon, BP., Halogen, and Zella, which are some of my favorite brands.  They make some of the comfiest pieces, and I can’t wait to tell you about more great items today!

On top of that, Nordstrom offers free shipping AND free return shipping, which makes it PAINLESS to shop online there.  When I’m unsure of sizing, I order multiple sizes and can easily return whatever doesn’t work for free.  Nordstrom also offers curbside pickup if you don’t want to wait for shipping.  Just drive up to the store and receive your order in your car.  SO convenient!

Lastly, if you’re a Nordy Club member you earn points when you shop, which turns into Nordstrom notes that you can spend at Nordstrom, plus a bunch of other perks.  You don’t have to sign up for a card to be a Nordy Club member.  Check out the details HERE.

Alright, onto some comfy outfits for summer vacation!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Casual Summer Outfit: white v-neck tee + denim jacket + olive linen joggers + leopard thong sandals + cognac tote + long gold disc pendant necklace Casual Summer Outfit: denim jacket + white v-neck tee + leopard thong sandals + olive linen joggers + long gold disc pendant necklace + cognac toteCasual Summer Outfit: white v-neck tee + denim jacket + leopard thong sandals + olive linen joggers + cognac tote + long gold disc pendant necklace

1. Linen Pants + Tee + (Denim Jacket – optional)
Soft pants and shorts are the way to go for comfort!  They often have a forgiving, elastic waistband with extra flexible material, so they are fantastic for relaxed vacation vibes.  This pair of linen pants is lightweight and comfy.  I absolutely LOVE that it’s a jogger style silhouette that tapers at the ankles.  A lot of linen pants have a wider opening instead, and I find this jogger silhouette a lot easier to style.  These pants come in 5 colors HERE.  I’m wearing size S.

I paired the linen pants with this INSANELY SOFT tee!  It’s on the thinner side but therefore has a fantastic drape.  It’s also got stretch, so it retains shape.  I’m wearing size S, but it’s still too big around my shoulders, so I’ll try XS.  (Remember, Nordstrom offers free return shipping, so you can order multiple sizes and see which works best for you!)  It is somewhat see through, as most white tees with a great drape are.  FWIW in the pics above, I’m not wearing a cami or anything underneath.  Just a nude colored t-shirt bra.  This tee comes in 6 colors HERE.  Sizing is a bit limited, but there’s also a crew neck version HERE with more sizes available.

Lastly, this is my favorite insanely comfortable denim jacket.  You’ve probably heard me talk about it, but in case not, it’s SOFT and STRETCHY and so, so comfy!  I wear size M and it’s still pretty fitted–runs small.  NOTE: It doesn’t have pockets, which I thought I’d hate but have actually not missed at all over the last year that I’ve had it.  The comfort is worth the lack of pockets anyway!  Find the denim jacket HERE.  I’m wearing the color Sweet in size M.

Shop the Outfit:
Tee: c/o Nordstrom (exact–wearing size S but want to try XS, crewneck version, similar)

Jacket: Nordstrom (exact–wearing size M in Sweet)
Pants: c/o Nordstrom (exact–wearing size S)
Sandals: (similar)
Tote: Nordstrom (exact)
Necklace: (similar)

If you’re looking for linen shorts instead of pants, THIS pair is very lightweight and comfy.  It comes in several colors!


Dressy Casual Summer Outfit: navy short sleeve jumpsuit + denim jacket + nude heels + camel leather clutch + long turquoise pendant necklaceDressy Casual Summer Outfit: denim jacket + navy short sleeve jumpsuit + camel leather clutch + nude heels + long turquoise pendant necklace Dressy Casual Summer Outfit: navy short sleeve jumpsuit + denim jacket + camel leather clutch + nude heels + long turquoise pendant necklace

2. Jumpsuit or Comfy Dress
A jumpsuit or super comfy dress is another great vacation piece as they can be dressed up or down.  And you’ll still be super comfortable!  I shared this jumpsuit last summer, but it’s BACKKKKK and it’s so good that I need to share it again!  I LOVE this as a vacation piece (took it on vacation with me last year!) as it can be dressed down or up!  I’m showing it dressed up here with nude heeled sandals and a turquoise pendant.  Easy, COMFY outfit for dinner or to watch a show!

The material is relatively thin which is sooo nice for summer.  Again, I LOVE the jogger style legs, especially since a lot of jumpsuits have wide legs instead.  The jogger style makes it so chic!  The other details such as the pleats around the waistband and the cross-front totally elevate this jumpsuit.  (The cross-front also makes it breastfeeding-friendly!)  Oh yeah, and it has POCKETS!  It comes in black, navy, and olive, which you can see HERE.  I wear size M.

Shop the Outfit:
Jumpsuit: Nordstrom (exact–wearing size M)
Jacket: Nordstrom (exact–wearing size M in Sweet)
Sandals: (similar, similar)

In the widget below, I rounded up some comfy dresses you can try!  Dress them up with statement earrings and a pendant necklace, or dress them down with flat sandals.


Activewear Outfit: teal workout tank + blue printed leggings + grey sneakers + grey crossbody bag + mustard yellow leather earringsActivewear Outfit: blue printed leggings + teal workout tank + grey crossbody bag + grey sneakers + mustard yellow leather earringsActivewear Outfit: teal workout tank + blue printed leggings + grey crossbody bag + grey sneakers + mustard yellow leather earrings Activewear Outfit: blue printed leggings + teal workout tank + mustard yellow leather earrings

3. Activewear
Last, if you need activewear while on vacation, liven it up with a little color!  These leggings are my favorite Zella leggings that I’ve talked about a billion times over the last few years.  I wear the black version (HERE) for both activewear and casual outfits, which you can see HERE.   But, for a cute activewear look, this blue version is great!  These leggings are thick and opaque, and the high, wide waistband helps flatten a tummy as well as keep the leggings from slipping down all the time.

Add a super comfy workout tank to complete the look!  This is my first time trying Zella’s workout tanks, and OHMIGOSH, this thing is SO COMFY!  It’s smooth, stretchy, and REALLY SOFT.  Like, buttery.  And it breathes WAY better than similar, cheaper tops.  I’m wearing it in size S.  Unfortunately, sizing is limited in this color, but it’s available in 6 colors and almost fully stocked in black–who couldn’t use a great black workout tank that feels fantastic? 😁 Check it out HERE.

Shop the Outfit:
Tank: c/o Nordstrom (exact–wearing size S)
Leggings: c/o Nordstrom (exact–wearing size M, my favorite black version)
Sneakers: (similar, similar)

Zella has a ton of leggings and other workout gear.  I rounded some up in the widget below!  I own the Studio Crop Lite leggings which have a lightly thinner material, making them better for warmer weather.

I’m a FIRM believer that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.  I hope this post helps you feel comfortable AND stylish this summer!


Free Summer Outfit Formulas Cheat Sheet

Did you catch the FREE summer outfit formulas cheat sheet yet?  It’s a free download to help you figure out what to wear this summer!

There are 12 different combos that you can rotate through each day, using different pieces from each category each time to create new combos.  Plus 12 outfit examples!

Download the free Summer Outfit Formulas guide HERE or through the form below.

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