Casual Spring Wardrobe + Spring Outfit Guide NOW AVAILABLE (100+ Outfits)!

Let’s work on your spring wardrobe!

Spring style is exciting and something so many of us look forward to. Lots more clothing options open up as the weather warms up!

But, before you go run and impulse-buy all of those cute spring clothes, I want you to shop with purpose and intention. When you buy things impulsively, without a lot of thought and without a plan, you’re making random purchases. And random purchases lead to a random closet. You know, the closet full of random bits so even though you have a ton of clothes, you feel like you have nothing to wear.

On the other hand, when you build your wardrobe with purpose, you’ll have a well-functioning wardrobe that makes it easy to get dressed. And, you’ll waste less money on those random clothes that you never wear, save time getting dressed, and always have something that you feel good in without overbuying an excessive amount of clothes. ✅

By creating a plan for your wardrobe each season, you will save yourself money, time, stress, and heartache in the long run!

So, if you want some casual spring wardrobe inspiration, I have two things to help you out!

Resources to Build Your Casual Spring Wardrobe

First, I’m sharing a casual spring wardrobe here with you today! It’s an example that you can use for inspiration to help create your own wardrobe plan. 🙌🏽

Second, I’m excited to tell you that THREE brand new Spring Wardrobe & Outfit Guides are NOW AVAILABLE!

If you’ve wanted to find new ways to wear your clothes so that your wardrobe feels fresh, you’ll love these guides!

But, not only will they provide you with tons and tons of outfit ideas, they have a brand new format to help you build a great wardrobe using as many pieces from your own closet as you want to, identify holes that you have, craft a wardrobe that’s just right for you, and provide you with lots of outfit inspiration.

There are three new guides to choose from to best fit your lifestyle:

Today I’m sharing the example wardrobe from the Casual/Elevated Casual spring guide. But, this is truly just an example. In each guide, there is a comprehensive walk-through to help you build a wardrobe from your own pieces. If you want to follow this example casual spring wardrobe exactly, great! But if you don’t want to, the Spring Wardrobe & Outfit Guides will help you build your own wardrobe.

I’ll share more details at the bottom of this post! For now, here is a casual spring wardrobe that you can use as inspiration!

Shop the Casual Spring Capsule Wardrobe:

Here are exact and similar pieces to the capsule shown here. Under each item, I note which size groupings it comes in such as straight, plus, petite, or tall and sizing info if I’ve tried the item firsthand.

A lot of the items come in multiple colors and prints, so click into each product to see more options.

Also, when you purchase the guides, you get access to a bonus shopping link database with LOTS more great options full of cute spring clothes that you could include in your wardrobe, including straight and plus sizes, and some petite and tall.

SIZING REFERENCE: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.



Pro Tips for Building a Wardrobe

Here are two tips for building a wardrobe that I share in the guide and always tell PMT Style Club members:

1. Make sure to have a good mixture of foundational pieces and “filler” pieces.
In a nutshell, foundational items are generally basic pieces in neutral colors. While they may seem boring to a lot of people, they are essential to serve as the “glue” to all of those fun statement pieces that don’t go with anything else. The other pieces, what I call “filler” items, are all of those fun statement pieces. Just like how the fillings of a sandwich such as the meats, cheeses, veggies, condiments, etc. fill in a sandwich and add a lot of flavor, zest, and life, “filler” items in your closet make your outfits interesting.

A good wardrobe needs both, but what percentage of your wardrobe needs to be made or each is dependent on your style. You can read the details about foundations and fillers in my blog post “My Philosophy for Crafting a Wardrobe.”

The new format of the Spring Wardrobe & Outfit Guides uses a framework that helps you think through different types of foundational pieces and different types of filler pieces to ensure you have both the variety and the glue pieces to pull everything together–without having to have a lot of pieces.

In the example above, there are 32 articles of clothing, but with the framework in the guide, you can choose to have as many or as few items in your closet as you want. As a baseline, with the framework, you can turn 13 pieces into 19 outfits, easily.

So, having a well-built wardrobe means you can have LESS clothes but do MORE with them!

2. I always build wardrobes starting with bottoms first.
This is another tip that is in the Spring Wardrobe & Outfit Guides and that I always tell PMT Style Club members when we set out to craft our wardrobes for the season.

Having a variety of bottoms makes outfits dynamic and gets you out of the “t-shirt and jeans” or “t-shirt and black leggings” rut. Trust me on this one! Therefore, in the Spring Wardrobe & Outfit Guides, we start planning with bottoms first. Then you choose tops that go with your bottoms!

If you want more tips and a framework so that you can craft a well-built wardrobe, plus get a ton of outfit ideas to wear your pieces, you can find it all in the Spring Wardrobe & Outfit Guides!


What’s inside the Spring Wardrobe & Outfit Guides

Each guide is packed with great stuff to help you step up your style this spring! Including:

🌟Wardrobe Checklist & Building Blocks List with fill-in-the-blanks to build a solid wardrobe that has just what you need. You’ll have thoughtful, step-by-step guidance for how to build a wardrobe that allows you to do more with less pieces.

🌟Customizable Step-by-Step Wardrobe-Building Framework for building a great, easy-to-use, and insanely versatile wardrobe with pieces from your existing wardrobe. You’ll learn how to use your favorite items (that’s right—you don’t have to use pieces that look like the examples in the guide for you to have success), fill the holes in your closet, and build your best wardrobe yet. I did the thinking and strategizing so that you don’t have to! (Sneak peek above.)

🌟Outfit Calendar with 12 weeks of weekday outfits planned for you for Casual and Work Guides, or 6 weeks for Athleisure, so that you can stop wearing the same outfit and make better use of your clothes without having to think about what to wear. Mental load and decision-fatigue be gone!

(Above is a sneak peek of a week from the Casual/Elevated Casual guide. To see a week of the Work and Athleisure guides, head to their individual product pages.)

🌟Outfit Catalog with 100+ outfit ideas that you can look to for even more outfit ideas and inspiration. Weekend and Date looks are included in the Casual/Elevated Casual guide and Casual Friday looks are included in the Work guide. (This feature is only available in Casual and Work guides, not Athleisure.)

🌟BONUS: Access to a complimentary Shopping Link Database with links to exact or similar pieces as the examples in the guide for straight and plus sizes (and some petite and tall). Save time and effort finding good items!

With these guides, you’ll have a streamlined process to create a streamlined wardrobe. And tons of ideas for how to wear your pieces!

You can say bye to a closet full of random pieces and hello to always having something to wear.

What PMTers have been saying:

“…just started working my way through the outfit guide & wardrobe guide. Omg they are incredibly amazing! Audrey, you clearly put in so much effort and they are just SO incredibly helpful (and beautiful!). It’s so easy now to put an outfit together, and I also appreciate how the shopping links are pretty affordable. It’s all just wonderful. Thank you!” – Laney

“So far this week, I’ve shopped my closet and worn three outfit combos I’ve never put together before.” – Angie

“It is an amazing guide. One of my faves!” – Cindy

“I find that the prompts push me to wear something I wouldn’t have otherwise. I love ’em” – Tiphanie

“My wardrobe is feeling so fresh and I hardly bought anything at all!! …That’s something about the guides that I think is worthwhile – I always find new ways to wear things I already own.

You’ll be able to:

🌟Utilize what’s in your closet

🌟Identify holes to complete your wardrobe and make it easier to use

🌟Always have something to wear

🌟Build a remixable wardrobe

🌟Find new ways to mix and match your clothes

🌟Spend less money on clothes and love your style

You can find all the details about the guide, including more peeks inside, HERE. I hope these guides help you create a wardrobe that brings you JOY! 😊

(And if you want to take your wardrobe, outfit-making, and style skills to the next level with even MORE in-depth help, strategy, insight, and feedback, join us in the PMT Style Club when it opens at the start of the next season. The resources in there take these capsules and guides to a whole different level of depth to help you personalize and master your style. And the community is awesome!)

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