My Five Fall Go-To Outfits

A while back I posted my favorite fall items and today I’m going to show you five go-to fall looks you can make with those items.  Go-to outfits are for the days when your brain doesn’t work, when you woke up 30 minutes late, or when you simply don’t have energy to think about what to wear.  They’re no-brainer outfits that help you get on with your life to the more important things–but still look put together!
As usual, besides just showing you outfits I also tried to break down each outfit into a super easy basic formula while giving suggestions for ways to change things up so that you can do this with different pieces in your closet and put your own twist on things.

Let’s talk about each outfit…
Plaid Shirts Options: one, two, three, four
Cozy Sweater Options: one, two, three, four
Boots: one, two, three, four
1. Plaid button-up + open cardigan or sweater
This is by far my favorite and most often worn combination in the fall.  For a lazy, fuzzy-brained day I can quickly reach for one of my 5 plaid shirts and any of them will work with this sweater and jeans.  When I want to change it up I can take it to the next level and use different colored jeans or different colored cardigans.  The possibilities are endless in that regard. 
Dress (Target) // Similar: one, two, three
Cardigan (Target) // Similar: one, two
Boots: onetwothreefour
2. Dress + cardigan + tights & boots
I LOVE this combination.  It’s a great way to utilize your dresses–even your spring dresses!  Back in January I wrote a post on wearing a spring dress in the fall.  I am even more behind this combination now that I discovered fleece lined tights!  Uh, amazing.  Having a pair of those will provide extra warmth for some of my thinner dresses.  (When it gets REALLY cold you’ll obviously need a thicker dress.)
I’m excited to take almost any dress that I have and play with colored cardigans and colored tights to mix up my fall outfits.  
Cardigan: Tilly’s // Shop: check here for lots of options
Scarf: Old navy // Shop: one, two
Boots: onetwothreefour
3. Plain tee + fall colored cardigan + patterned scarf
This combo is so easy–that’s why it’s a go-to look!  Again, once you play with different colored tees, jeans, cardigans, and scarves, this combo can give you an ENDLESS amount of options.  It’s a totally great formula for looking put together on the “don’t make me think” days. 

Chambray Top: Target // Shop: one, two, three
Skirt: one, two, three
Boots: onetwothreefour
4. Chambray top + skirt
I recently wrote about how chambray tops are a skirt’s best friend, and the combo is so easy that it made it into my top 5 go-to fall combos.  Choose nearly any skirt and pair it with a chambray top.  Tuck it and belt it or tie it over, and you’re good to go!  For shorter skirts, play with different colored tights.  BAM.  You’re dressed and out the door.

Top: Banana Republic // Similar: one, two, three
Vest: Old Navy
Boots: onetwothreefour
5. Striped tee + boots
I definitely love me a striped tee.  For this outfit I paired the tee with a vest, but you can just as simply wear a striped tee sans vest and with a statement necklace instead (like I did in this post).  I love how easy it is to choose any of my striped tees and any statement necklace, throw on jeans and boots, and head out the door.  You can also change up this look with different colored denim or layering other pieces over the tee, like a blazer or a moto jacket.  
Are any of these combos your go-to fall outfits, too?  
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