Packing List for the Beach + Free Checklists for 3 Destinations (Europe, Beach, Cruise)!

What to Take to the Beach: Easy Packing List, Outfit Suggestions, & Must Haves

Hello, hello! We’re back with the second of our summer packing lists, this time with a packing list for the beach!

Earlier this summer, some members of the PMT Style Club asked for packing lists to accompany the Summer Wardrobe & Outfit Guides. Since some of the PMT team members were already busy researching and preparing for our own upcoming trips, we were on it!

We created packing lists for THREE destinations, including a packing list for a trip to Europeto the beach, and for a cruise! If you want to get your hands on them all at once, we created a free downloadable PDF for all three lists, including checklists and shopping links! You can get the packing lists and shopping links for all three destinations by filling out this form to download your copy, or by filling out the form at the bottom of this post!

Today’s packing list for the beach is from another PMT teammate, Courtney! She is one of our in-house stylists and the Community Manager for the PMT Style Club.

About the Trip

Courtney and her family took a vacation to the beach, where the activities included lots of walking, days at the beach, kayaking, and casual dinners. She wanted her packing list for the beach to be light and functional—and stylish, of course!

Duration: 6-day trip to Catalina Island with kids and extended family.

Packing List for the Beach

Here is more about Courtney’s list! Also, remember you can get this in a checklist form with the free packing list download.

Bottoms: 2 Linen Pants or Shorts
Go for lightweight options in neutral colors, like black, olive, tan, or black and white stripes. 

Remember, I always advise you to start with bottoms when creating a wardrobe, and the same practice applies when creating packing lists!

Tops: 4 Tees/Tanks (that go with the bottoms) 
Courtney’s options are in the collage above. They include solid neutral tops, like the black tee and white tank, a colorful top, and a printed top.  All of them go with her two bottoms.

If you’ve chosen your bottoms first, then you can use your set of bottoms as your anchor point and make sure the tops you bring work with those bottoms.

Layers: 1 Light Cardigan (that goes with all)
This could be a denim jacket as well!

Dresses: 2 Casual (for dinners out)
Choose any of your favorite dresses, in any colors, prints, and cuts!

Shoes: 3 (Waterproof/Beach, Dressy Sandal, Running/Hiking)
Courtney needed shoes that would work for the beach and would also look good with regular outfits. Last year, she bought these Reef sandals that totally did the trick.

Swimsuits: 2
Courtney LOVES these swim bottoms and says they have “magical tummy control!”

On top she wears THIS option or THIS option.

She will also wear these swim/kayak shorts.

3 Workout/Hiking “Outfits” (Lightweight Cropped Leggings, Tanks, Sweatshirt, Running Shoes)
These aren’t all shown in the collage above, and the amount will vary with the amount of activity you’ll do. Courtney packed enough to workout/hike three times, plus one sweatshirt to layer over her activewear.

Other Notable Items:
These are other items Courtney will be sure to bring. Some of her favorites are linked below.

Options for the other items are linked in the shopping widget below.

You can also get a checklist version of Courtney’s Packing List for the Beach when you download the free beach packing checklist!

Courtney’s Outfit List for the Beach Trip

Courtney took it a step further and shared the list of outfits she plans to wear using this packing list for the beach! Here they are:

  • Day 1: travel – linen pants #1, tee #1, cardigan, comfy sandals
  • Day 2: beach – swimsuit #1, coverup #1, beach bag, waterproof sandals // dinner – dress #1
  • Day 3: hike/beach – swimsuit #2, coverup #2, beach bag, waterproof sandals // dinner – shorts or linen pants #2 & tee #2 
  • Day 4: hike/beach – swimsuit #1, coverup #1, beach bag, waterproof sandals // dinner – dress #2
  • Day 5: hike/beach – swimsuit #2, coverup #2, beach bag, waterproof sandals // dinner – linen pants #1 & tee #3 
  • Day 6: travel – shorts or linen pants #2, tee #4, cardigan, comfy sandals

*Almost everything gets worn 2x

Whether you have a beach trip coming up, or whether you are planning to hit up the local beaches, we hope this packing list helps you find some GREAT beach items and plan any upcoming trips with ease!

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