PMT Fall Outfit Challenge Announcement + GIVEAWAY!

YESSSSSSSSSS!  It’s finally time for the PMT Fall Outfit Challenge!  
I put together the first PMT Challenge back in January as a way to help women put into action all the things we talk about on this blog.  This challenge will literally put you together by helping you make your own a versatile capsule wardrobe and putting them into a TON of outfits for you. 
It’s called an “Outfit Challenge,” but I really think of it as a style coaching package that will give you everything you need to feel put together, gain confidence in your style, and learn to make the most of your closet, while coaching and challenging you to grow your style along the way!  It’ll coach and challenge you out of any current style rut you’re in, and it’ll help you absorb style tips that will have a lasting effect on the way you dress.
  • It’s a 34-day live challenge during the Fall that you can register for.  
  • You’ll be given a clothing list to help you put together your mix-and-match capsule wardrobe for this challenge.
  • From that capsule wardrobe, I’ll have put together 34 days of outfits for you to wear AND tell you which outfit to wear each day.  (You’ll receive them all in a PDF as well as get a weekly email with the outfits for that week.)  That means for 5 weeks you won’t have to think about what you’re going to wear!  I’ll have done all that thinking for you, and you’ll be able to rest easy while still making the most of your wardrobe.  
  • You’ll also gain access to a private Facebook group so that everyone who’s doing the challenge can share their versions of the daily outfits and encourage each other.  It’s a WONDERFUL, safe community of women who want to grow and have fun with their style just like you!  The Facebook group is only available to those doing the challenge live (not once the challenge is over and discounted), and honestly I feel like the FB group alone makes the registration fee worth it.  IT.IS.AWESOME.  And addicting!
  • Think of it as one huge Packing Post (like THESE) except someone maps out all the outfits for you and plans which ones you’ll wear each day, plus weekly giveaways, and a community to do it with.  And I know you all looooove those packing posts!
In addition to the capsule wardrobe list, 34 days of outfits, and access to a fun Facebook group, there’s more!
– Daily Style Tips – Each daily outfit will include a style tip.  It’ll help you put them into action in bite sized ways.
– Weekly Gift Card Giveaways – While the challenge is live, there will be 4 giveaways for anyone who’s registered for the challenge.  You could win extra cash to Nordstrom, Old Navy, LOFT, or ModCloth!  
– 14 Bonus Outfits – Y’all know I LOVE to remix clothes, so I couldn’t stop at just 34 outfits.  The challenge will only be “live” for 34 days, meaning everyone’s doing it at the same time and posting live on Facebook, BUT I’ll provide you with 14 extra outfits so that you can continue wearing new outfit combos even when the challenge is over.  Basically, from this small capsule wardrobe you’ll get 48 outfits–that’s over 1.5 months of not having to think about what you’re wearing.  If you just repeat them all once for another 1.5 months on your own, that will take you through the rest of spring!
All in all you’ll get:
  • A shopping list to help you build a mix-and-match winter capsule wardrobe
  • Weekly emails and a PDF style guide with outfits for 5 weeks
  • Style tips for 34 days to grow your style
  • 48 days of outfits total, and the peace of not having to think about what to wear for 1.5 months
  • A SUPER FUN Facebook community of like-minded women who are on the same journey as you and are there to encourage, support, and build each other up.  They’ve helped each other tweak their style, have given great recommendations for finding good pieces for their body shape, and are so encouraging.  Did I mention it’s an amazing group?  🙂
  • Gift card giveaway entries
  • Plus, you’ll end up with a closet full of outfits you love, not just pieces that don’t work together!
This Style Challenge is all about working your closet, and it’ll be fun for anyone looking to get better at remixing or who wants to utilize their closet.  It’ll be helpful for anyone who’s ever wanted someone to just build their wardrobe for them and tell them exactly what to wear.  It’ll be a stress-reliever for anyone who doesn’t want to think about what to wear for 48 days!
The PMT Style Challenge will be fun for you if any of these are true:
  • You want a mix-and-match wardrobe and want some guidance
  • You want to feel put-together but want someone else to do the work for you
  • You want to get better at remixing your closet
  • You don’t want to have to think about what to wear
  • You’ve hit a style plateau and want to change things up
  • You’re up for trying new styles, even if some feel out of your comfort zone
  • You want to connect with other women who are having fun growing their style
  • You LOVE the Packing Posts (THESE).  This is like one huge winter packing post beefed up with someone making you actually wear each of the outfits, a community to do it with, and weekly giveaways.  YAS!!!  
This challenge isn’t for everyone, but if anything I said above resonates with you, consider participating!  Besides it being fun and helping you out of a style rut, but my biggest hope is that it relieves stress for some of you and boosts you confidence
For all the tools and giveaways listed above, the cost of the PMT Fall Challenge is just $39!  That’s like the cost of a shirt or two, but with this challenge you’ll actually utilize them instead of them sitting idle in your closet!  😉
  • Registration opens next week, September 25th, and I’ll post the link here on the blog then.  BUT, the challenge doesn’t start or go LIVE until October 9th.  Why?  See below.
  • You’ll have between September 25th – October 8th to put together your capsule wardrobe using the shopping list you’ll get when you register.  
  • Challenge will be live October 9th to November 11th
If you think this will help you in any way, consider trying it during the first week–it’s free!  I will post the first 5 outfits here on the blog so you can try it risk-free for 5 days.  If you want to continue, you can buy-in at that time.  Once membership has been purchased and you have gained access to the the full 48 outfits, refunds cannot be issued.  

Here’s what some women from previous challenges have said!  
  • I’ve been able to identify where I was missing key pieces in my wardrobe that I needed in order to make proper outfits from all the stuff in there. – L.T. 
  • I’ve learned how the right accessories and completer pieces can change wardrobe basics into trendy outfits! – M.G.  / A.M.  /  A.W.  /  T.B. /  A.A.
  • I’ve learned that you don’t really need a lot to have a lot of options! And that planning your outfit the night before revolutionizes the next morning  – C.A.  /  K.D.
  • That a group of women who are complete strangers can be warm, positive, kind, encouraging and helpful and all of that is very good for self esteem ☺️. I’ve learnt to better shop my closet, worn items I already had more, worked with a capsule, tried new things, and have bought considered pieces that will be workhorses instead of frivolous mistakes. And that posting a picture of yourself every day isn’t so scary after all! It’s been great ladies – bring on Spring! – J.H. 
  • Just try something new! I balked at some outfits but loved how they looked when I actually tried it. It’s great to learn and know what works for your body, lifestyle, but every once in a while you have to try something new!  – K.W. 
  • I was just thinking, I’ve followed Audrey’s blog for years and thought that I had a similar style and was doing a decent job with my wardrobe. But until this challenge I didn’t realize that I wasn’t quite following the formulas and executing the look that I wanted. This challenge really helped me step out of my comfort zone. – K.D.
  • How to add color, mix colors, how to use completer pieces and accessories. I could go on all day! Unfortunately my husband has learned I don’t need to pack nearly as much stuff as I do for vacations.  – K.S. 
  • There is nothing like a nice group of WOMEN to help you feel GREAT! xx – J.T.
  • I have learned that a button up shirt can be just as comfy as that same old go to t-shirt in my closet…except it looks like I really put thought into my appearance when I grab the button up. Also really noticed in all my pictures that a completer piece makes all the difference with an outfit!!!! – J.B. 
  • I have really been put out of my comfort zone, but with positive feedback from my husband and co-workers! The one thing I’ve learned: blanket scarf.  – L.W. 
  • I realized that I loved having a list and shopping for the pieces on the list. My usual way of shopping was to go to the clearance section/consignment store and pick pieces I liked. Then when I got home I didn’t have an “outfit.” In addition, I always bought the same things. Actually working through and wearing the outfits helped me see new possibilities. Many things I was sure wouldn’t work turned out to be terrific! – S.D. 
  • I started this challenge with a very minimal wardrobe due to not knowing my style after baby and moving to a new country where the climate/style is different and not really knowing where to shop or what to buy. But I have followed the shopping list and now have what I need.  Overall I’ve gained clothes I can wear, colour in my life and confidence to wear things I have never worn before as I’ve seen them all on you wonderful ladies and I know they work. Plus being part of this group has made me smile every single day  – G.B.
  • I’ve learned that no matter age or size, we can all look great if we follow a few simple steps! And I’ve also learned that people don’t realize you’re wearing the same clothes over and over when you vary it up! And lastly-I’ve learned that weather can be unpredictable but if you have pieces that are similar in short sleeve and long sleeve, you can make the same outfit for a different day or season! Love this challenge and its followers! – A.D.
  • I wanted to take a second to tell you thank you. You have crossed generations, professions, and geographical borders. You have helped us to dress as confident versions of ourselves, and made us feel good about our own bodies. Your challenge has connected us to one another, and I have enjoyed getting to know a whole group of incredible women. You taught us some simple concepts that will continue to have a lasting impact on our daily routines. So thank you for the hours it took to set up the challenge. Thank you for the comments and words of encouragement. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in practical ways. And most of all, thank you for making my closet a happy place again.  – A.M
You guys, this was just SOME of the feedback.  I love these women!  It’s sooo fun, and we want YOU to participate in the fall challenge so that you can join us in the Facebook group!

I’m giving away 7 memberships to the PMT Fall Challenge!   3 will be chosen from blog readers here, 2 will be from Instagram, and 2 will be from Facebook.  If you enter on both the blog, Instagram, and Facebook, you’ll have 7 chances to win!  Winners will be announced on Monday, September 25th when registration opens.  Enter through the Rafflecopter below!
That’s the main info, but I wrote more details below.  If you have further questions, let me know!

You’ll build a capsule of 32-38 pieces, since some are optional.  It includes 22 articles of clothing, 5-7 pairs of shoes, and around 10 accessories, (not including bags).  And they’ll become 48+ outfits!  You’ll have an extremely versatile wardrobe if you participate.

The Fall Challenge is mostly casual with a bit of business casual.  However, this challenge is very flexible (read more below) and in the past, people in the FB group gave each other suggestions to make the outfits more appropriate for business casual looks.  In the capsule shopping list I help you adapt each piece to your lifestyle so that they don’t have to look exactly like the examples I provide.

As flexible as you want it to be!
STYLE – You can choose items that fit the description but better suit your lifestyle.  For example, if I show black skinny jeans and you need more work outfits, choose black trousers instead.  I also provide substitution ideas so that you don’t have to use items that look just like the ones featured.  For example, if you don’t like the black tee featured above, I note that you can use any “Solid Neutral Tee or Top.”  It’s pretty adaptable.  
DURATION – If you can’t do the challenge some days, that’s fine!  Skip some days–no one’s keeping score.  It’s meant to be fun!
NUMBER OF CLOTHING ITEMS – If you’re worried you’ll get tired of 22 pieces over 48 days, you have complete freedom to use other items in your closet.  The point is not at all about being a minimalist, rather it’s about growing confidence in your style.  
I try to make these as flexible as possible so that you can make it work for you while still getting a ton of value out of the challenge.  And you can always use the FB group for suggestions on how to make things work for you.

I hope you don’t have to buy all new items, but you can if you want to.  You should shop your closet first to fulfill the list, then buy or borrow from friends for any holes you have.
If you need it, every item on the list will also have 4+ shopping options, in addition to specified plus sized, petite sized, and tall options!  
I have lost count of how many emails I’ve gotten that say something like, “I’m in my 60s–would this work for me?”  In the last challenge we had 700 women in the Facebook group who were in their early 20s to their mid 60s.  The common factor was that they were willing to be challenged in their style and have fun with it!  If you’re up for that, then this will work for you.
Hope to see you there!  And remember to enter the giveaway on the blog, Instagram, and Facebook!
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