Three Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit or Romper This Summer

You might have noticed that jumpsuits and rompers are EVERYWHERE this season, so today I’m showing 3 ways to wear a jumpsuit or romper!

I was gifted a jumpsuit a couple years ago.  With MUCH hesitance, I tried it, and I ended up surprised by how much I liked it!  I could not believe that it actually fit, for one.  😛  I also couldn’t believe that I didn’t feel awkward in it and that I actually could kind of pull it off!   This year, I’m realizing the beauty of them more and more (after getting over the fact that you basically have to undress to go to the bathroom 🤣) and I’ve been totally diving in! 😄

3 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit for Summer

First, there are soooo many jumpsuits made of super soft, stretchy material. SO COMFY!  Second, they usually either have an elastic waistband or a loose midsection, which I didn’t realize would be so preferable, especially in the summer.  Third, you can dress many of them up or down. I wore this jumpsuit to a fancy dinner banquet a couple weeks ago, and I LOVED that I could be so dang comfy at a fancy event. Not to mention being in pants vs a dress, which is so nice if you’re ever at a   wedding or fancy dinner with kids and need to move around a lot.

The particular jumpsuit I’m showing today (HERE) is one of the more expensive options, so I linked to several MUCH cheaper options at the very bottom of this post. But in case you’re interested in this one, lemme tell you about it!

This is the same one shown in the Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  It’s really soft and comfy. The material is on the thinner side which is so nice for summer. Some of the cheaper ones I tried from Amazon are really thick, which is nice for different times of the year of course, but not what I want in the summer.  I also love that it has tapered legs—such a chic and flattering silhouette. It’s also got a true cross-front which makes it a nursing-friendly option. I’m not nursing Ella anymore but wish I’d had this at the time because it works for casual and fancier events.  With this, you have a breastfeeding option for any occasion!  Lastly, it’s got pockets, which is always a plus in my book. It comes in regular and petite sizing and in 3 colors! See them HERE.

Now for the three outfits with a jumpsuit!  You can do all of these with any jumpsuit/romper of your choice.  At the bottom of this post I’ve rounded up a bunch more jumpsuits and rompers at various price points, starting at $16!

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6/8 in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes.  


Navy jumpsuit + white sandals + cognac tote + pendant necklace navy jumpsuit + cognac tote + long pendant necklace + white sandals white sandals + cognac tote + navy jumpsuit

White (or Gold) Accessories
You might have noticed I love white accessories. I love how they “lift” outfits and make them pop, so my white pendant, white earrings, and white sandals is a go-to combo for any jumpsuit or dress this summer.

If white isn’t your thing, you can do this with metallic accessories and metallic sandals instead of white. You can also do a mixture, with some white pieces and some gold pieces. Lots of options to make it work for you!

These sandals are from Target, and they are pretty comfortable and quite affordable.  Both the sole and strap are flexible.  However, if you are used to genuine leather sandals, you would feel the difference in material.  But for an inexpensive sandal, they are pretty great! See them HERE.

Shop The Outfit
Jumpsuit: Nordstrom (exact-size M)
Sandals: Target (exact-size 8.5)
Bag: Sole Society (similar)
Necklace: Nordstrom (similar, similar)
Earrings: Nickel & Suede (exact-size M)


navy jumpsuit + floral wrap + cognac tote + pendant necklace navy jumpsuit + floral wrap + tan sandals floral wrap + navy jumpsuit + tan sandals + long pendant necklace navy jumpsuit + floral wrap + tan sandals

Printed Wrap + Tan Accessories
A solid jumpsuit is a great backdrop for a printed wrap! This wrap is the same one that’s in the Summer Capsule but in navy instead of white. I liked this thing so much that I got both! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

I tried over 10 wraps and had problems with them feeling suffocating (thanks to cheap material—but hey, they were inexpensive) or with them having way too much material and being too bulky and long.

This one is inexpensive at $18.99 but I feel like it’s fairly breathable compared to the rest I tried at this price point!  I also love that it’s not too long and doesn’t have an excessive amount of material. All around win!  I got size L for a more flowy, relaxed look.  Availability is limited, but check for them HERE.

Shop The Outfit
Jumpsuit: Nordstrom (exact-size M)
Wrap: Amazon (exact–wearing L, similar, similar)
Sandals: (similar, similar)
Bag: Sole Society (similar)
Necklace: Dear Mushka (exact)
Earrings: Nickel & Suede (exact-size M)
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (similar-cheaper)


navy jumpsuit + nude heels + purse + colored pendant necklace navy jumpsuit + denim jacket + purse + colored pendant necklace nude heels + navy jumpsuit + tan purse navy jumpsuit + denim jacket + colored pendant necklace + nude heels

Colorful or Statement Necklace + Heels + Clutch
Lastly, a dressier outfit with open toe heels, a statement pendant, and a clutch.  Remember how I was hoping to wear this to see Hamilton while I was in Chicago last month, but then I couldn’t due to weather?  I FINALLY got to wear it to a banquet last week while I was in Madison, WI!  Not gonna lie, I was really, really excited about that. 😜

If your jumpsuit has a crew neckline, you could wear a statement necklace OR a pendant. Since mine has a v-neckline I went for a pendant necklace.  For dressier occasions I’d wear this with my grey faux leather moto jacket instead of the denim jacket.

Shop The Outfit
Jumpsuit: Nordstrom (exact-size M)
Denim Jacket: Nordstrom (exact-size M)
Heels: Amazon (similar)
Bag: Nordstrom (similar)
Necklace: (similar, similar)

Jumpsuits and rompers are easy pieces to wear as you never have to worry about matching the top and bottom halves—they always go together!  Plus, like we talked about earlier, the right ones can be extremely comfy with all the super stretchy ones out right now and the comfier midsection. There are so many out there right now at very affordable prices, which makes it low cost and easy to experiment with the trend.

More Affordable Jumpsuit Options

In the widget below are several jumpsuits. Swipe through to see them all, and click one to shop. Also, see my notes underneath.

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